Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Evan and Brett!!!

These sweet little twins turn 3 years old today!!! It's hard to beleive how quickly they are growing up. Each little boy has their own personality and they are very different from each other. But they are both tons of fun!! Here is Brett breaking out of jail at Mickey's Toontown in Disneyland.

And this is Evan. We were in line for Matterhorn and I am sure he was thinking that we must be crazy for taking 2 young boys on a big rode. They loved it though and we even rode it twice, more about that later.

And here they are posing in fron tof the huge tree at Disneyland. Brett really wanted that ornament.
Happy 3rd Birthday Boys!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yes I know I need to update...

I have lots of pictures to share from Disneyland and they boys's birthday party. But I have been in bed sick for the past few days. Hopefully I will be over this in the next day or two, I must be better by Friday for sure, I have to finish Christmas shopping. Once I am feeling better I will do some Disneyland posts and Birthday posts. There is special post for Wednesday that is already done and scheduled.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Travis!!!

Today is Travis's 7th birthday. I can not believe how quickly he is growing up. Here he is passed out on the floor when he was about a year old. And here he is now, with his cheesy grin. I took this picture over the weekend while standing in line for the Star Wars ride at Disneyland.
And here he is driving the car on Autopia. I have to say that he sure is a bad driver. He kept crashing the car into the rails, I felt like I had whiplash after we got off of this ride.
Happy 7th Birthday Travis!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's A Small World

Here are some pictures from It's a Small World. We went on this on Saturday night after the fireworks and fake snow. We got to the last room and wouldn't you know it, the darn thing broke down. We were stuck there hearing the same 2 songs over and over and over again. It's plays It's a Small World and Deck the Halls during Christmas. We sat there for what felt like an hour but was actually about 15 minutes. Travis really liked this ride and Theresa said she is never going on it again. Personally I hope to not have to go back on it for about 5 years at least.

Going Back...

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I am heading back down to the Happiest Place on Earth AKA Disneyland to spend the day with Jon, Mychele and the twins. It should not be anywhere near as busy as it was over the weekend so I am actually going to go shopping while I am there. I had meant to pick up a few things over the weekend but it was just way to busy. I will be taking more pictures as well so be prepared for probably twice as many pictures than what I was originally going to post.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Just a few quick pictures...

I am going through the pictures from Disneyland and thought I would post a few as a preview today. We had a great time and I have lots of pictures. I will do another post later once I go through everything but here are a few for now.

Here is Travis during the "snow" which is actually bubbles. The last time he saw this he was just a year old so it was much more fun to watch him this time. We watched the Christmas parade on Sunday and got to see Mickey and Minnie ice skating on a float. I did take a lot of pictures from the parade and will share more later.

Here is all 4 of the kids. I did not realize that Grandma wanted to be in the picture also and I accidently cut of her head.

The Sleeping Beauty Castle at night all decorated for Christmas. I am glad that we have this new camera that has night shot on it. It helps to show the actual colors of the lights. I took a few pictures of It's a Small World when it was lit up that I will also post later.

Friday, December 5, 2008

What to wear...

I am trying to pack for the Disneyland trip this weekend and I can't figure out what to wear. The weather says it will be 74 tomorrow and 72 on Sunday, but can you really trust that? I don't want to dress to warm and be all sweaty, but if I wear shorts am I going to be to cold? Tomorrow is easy though I can wear shorts in the morning and then change onto pants when we go check into our hotel room.

I did find us a great deal on rooms. We will be staying at the HoJo (howard johnson's) for $58.25 a night. I even get my own room with a big king sized bed and no one to share it with. I am trying to convince one of the kids to stay with me or even both of them so I am not alone. Jeremy is going to stay home and play video games all weekend, hopefully the house will still be clean when I get back Sunday night.

As I said before I plan on taking lots of pictures so be prepared for endless Disneyland posts. Next Saturday we are having a birthday party for all 3 nephews so there will be tons of pictures from that too. I even remembered to delete the pictures off of my camera so there is tons of room (the disk I have in it can hold up to 3000 pics depending on the setting). Yes I did download the camera before I deleted everything.

Jeremy is working at the football game tonight and I am going to go pick up Todd since he is staying the night tonight so he can hang out with Jeremy tomorrow. Poor kid we have been promising that he can come over and then we get busy and forget. But not this time, he will be here without Emily even.

I am also in the process of digging out my inside Christmas decorations and hope to have some of them up tonight. Yes I am rambling on...I am on my second BIG cup of some very strong coffee. I bought Peppermint Mocha coffee creamer and am VERY addicted to it.

Ok time to finish packing so I am ready to leave first thing tomorrow morning!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I am going to Disneyland on Saturday and Sunday!!! Saturday it will be me, Jen, Matt, Travis and Theresa and on Sunday Cecilia (jeremy's mom), Jon (Jeremy's brother), Mychele , Brett and Evan will be joining us. I keep thinking that we must be crazy to go to Disneyland with 4 kids (6, 4 and 2) but it should be fun. Jeremy was going to come down on SUnday but he did not really want to go, he gets bored and tired, so we are saving the money and he will be staying at home all weekend. What will he be doing you might ask, well he will be playing video games and hopefully keeping the house clean. I have spent most of this week cleaning the house so I am hoping it will still be that way when I get back.

I had asked Travis a few weeks ago if he would go on Space Mountain with me and then I had to explain to him that it is an indoor roller coaster in the dark. He has agreed to try it and I am hoping that once we get there he does not chicken out on me. I asked Theresa if she would go on Pirates of the Carribbean with me and she wanted to know if it went upside down. I explained all about the ride and she is going to go on it. Brett asked me to ride on Dumbo with him and Evan hasn't really said much about it to me except for how many days where left until we go. While I am not looking forward to the expense of going to Disneyland I am excited to see how the kids react to everything. The last time I went to Disneyland with Travis he had just turned 1, so he was a little to young to enjoy it all. I will be taking tons of pictures and will be posting a lot of them.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The war is on...

So Emily and I are having a war of who can leave the stupiest presents on their tree on our blogs. Here is a picture of what I left her tonight. I have another one in mind that I will be leaving her shortly. Please check out her blog for other stupid gifts that I have left her.

That's right I left her the Original Poopin Reindeer candy dispenser. I am going to have to actually buy her this now. If anyone has any ideas for other stupid gifts, by all means please email me or call me with your ideas!!

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

I really want my Christmas tree now. We normally get it on our anniversary which is this Sunday, but I will be at Disneyland and won't be home until late (Jeremy decided that he does not want to go with his family to Disneyland but I am going on Saturday and Sunday) so we will be getting our tree next week. I saw some for $20 at Target today, but they were small. We usually get ours from Green Thumb, which is porbably where we will go this year. Last year we got a flocked tree, but this year I think we will go for a normal green one. I am just ready for the smell of the fresh tree.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Ultimate Scrubber

I bought the Ultimate Scrubber on Black Friday and I tried it yesterday to clean our shower and I have to say that I love this thing. You don't have to scrub things with the sponge and you can use it on just about any surface!! I cleaned the kitchen with it today and it sparkles. It even got stuff off of the stove that scrubing with the sponge would not get off. It says that you can use it on furniture too. You just spray what ever cleaner you are using and turn the scrubber on and it does all the work, you just have to move it around. Yes I know I am crazy, but I now want to clean the whole house with it. Tomorrow I am going to see how it works on floors. I have some spots on my carpet and I want to see if it will take them out.

Monday, December 1, 2008


This is the amount that is left on my car payment!!! I opened my bill for this month and was excited to see that the last payment is almost here!! When I open the January bill I will be very happy to know that it will be the last one.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My first Hockey Game

This morning my Dad called and asked if I wanted to go to a hockey game today. I went with my Dad, my Aunt Robin and my youngest brother Todd. We had some great seats, thanks to Aunt Robin, she got a family pack that even came with 4 hotdogs and 4 sodas. We saw a few minor fights and a lot of bodys slamming into the wall. I finally figured out why men love this sport. It is a bunch of men beating each other up with sticks and all chasing a small puck around an ice rink. It was the most entertaining sort event that I have ever watched. This was after the Kings scored a point.

The refs were trying to keep a fight from breaking out.

This was the actual view from our seats. We were in the second level of the Staples Center and our view was good enough for me considering I have never been to the Staples Center. I am now addicted to hockey and am ready to go to another game!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Sierra

Our cute sweet little puppy turned 4 today!!! We still can't believe that she is 4. It's weird how quickly time flies. She was spoiled today and got to go for several walks, got extra treats and even got a new toy!!

This is her look when she is waiting for you to give her treats or take her outside. She will lay flat on the floor and pout until you give her what she wants. Jeremy spoils her a little to much though.


I went shopping this morning at 4 am. I did not buy very much, but I did get Travis's birthday present and the other part of the twins birthday present and a few other presents that were on sale for a really good price!! Toys r us was a mad house and there was almost a riot in there over where the line was to purchase your items, but other than that it was a fun day. I am now exhausted and am ready for bed!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Goodbye Catdog

This morning we found out that my dad's cat Catdog (yes that was her name, she was the guard cat and never left the yard) passed away this morning. She was a sweet cat and we will miss her very much. We buried her in the yard today. We are thankful for the time we had with her.

Rest in peace Catdog!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Making a list...

Checking it twice, gonna find out who's naughty and nice. Well not actually. I am making my list for Friday. Yes I am crazy and go shopping at like 4 am. Tomorrow the ads for Black Friday come out tomorrow. Jeremy is going to go get me a newspaper tomorrow morning so I can go through the ads and make my plan of attack. Some of the ads are online now but I love to have the ad so I can circle the stuff I need. I am so excited for turley tomorrow too!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey Day!!!

Turkey day is coming!!!! I am ready for turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce and whatever else we have!!! We are going to my dad's house this year and I can't wait. It also means that I can start decorating for Christmas this weekend.

It is pouring rain here right now and is supposed to continue through Thursday morning. I love the rain. I am so ready for winter to be here!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008


I want these crocs. They have fuzzy stuff inside of them!!!! I found them on for $34.95. I think I am going to ask Santa for them. They come in some lovely colors, inclduing pink and purple or grape as they call it. But I like these ones, chocolate with khaki fuzzy stuff. I saw fake ones at Target, but the real ones feel much better!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Need to clean...

I cleaned out our closet today and we can see the floor in it once again. Now I need to clean off the top shelves and make some room for clothes. Since we got rid of our old bed (which had 6 drawers under it) I now have to figure out what to do with the clothes that were there. So I am going to get rid of the stuff that we do not wear (I already have 2 bags ready to be donated) and am going to organize the stuff we do wear. I also need to deep clean everything in the house. Sierra is shedding for some reason and now I seem to have dog hair everywhere again, which means I need to vaccum pretty much every day.

I did go to Target today and got 2 presents for the twins and I only spent about $16.00 between the 2 of them. I have to get them each a birthday and christmas present and I get to do the same for Travis since all of their birthday's are in December. At least with the twins being little ( They will be 3 on 12/17) they don't expect big expensive gifts. Travis on the other hand (he will be 7 on 12/12) has asked me for a new skateboard and something called Teck Deck which I found out today are finger skateboards. I found some at Target and am hoping that they will be on sale on Friday. Yes I do go shopping on Black Friday. I always get great deals and have a lot of fun being up at 4 am, by noon though I am ready to go back to bed.

I have also decided that I want to bake some new stuff this year but I can't find any good cookie recipes. Does anyone know of something that would be good?

Time to end this post now so I can go to bed so I can get up early and get some cleaning done!! Maybe I will take some pictures of the house once it is done so everyone can see it before it becomes a disaster again.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bored update...

Jeremy decided that he wanted to go look at tv's since he really wants a new one for Christmas. Well we looked and found some nice ones, but with the holiday's coming and bills to pay and a Disneyland trip to pay for we will not be able to afford a new tv until sometime next year, unless Santa helps us win the lottery before then. We have been watching the Balc Friday ads and are still waiting for the Fry's ad to be released but his hopes of his new bigger tv are quickly deminishing. Here's a picture of one of the ones he likes. I think this one is 46 inches and has a nice clear screen.

So if Santa askes anyone what Jeremy wants for Christmas, tell him he wants his tv. Maybe I should have Jeremy send a letter to Santa and ask him for it.

What to do....

Here it is Saturday night and what are we doing? NOTHING!!!! I am bored and really want to get out of the house, but we did run some errands earlier today and so we are supposed to be cleaning. Someone just does not want to clean anymore, he claims that he is tired. Yet I am the one who only got about 4 hours of sleep last night. Maybe I can convince him that we need to go to Target and get some cleaning products. I would say lets go to the movies but I already saw Twilight yesterday and there really isn't much else out that I want to see. I would just go to bed but it is not even 6:30 yet so I would just be up again in a few hours.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Movie Review

I went and saw Twilight today with my stepmom and sister. I thought the movie was pretty good and followed the book as close as possible in order to not have a four hour long movie. Jeremy wants to watch it so I will be going to see it again!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rude People...

When I took my grandma to the doctor's the other day there was this crazy lady screaming at the girl behind the counter. All I got was something about needing her inhaler and not having $15 to pay for it and they should help her because she was poor...insert tons of inappropriate languge that should not be used in public and not as loud as she was using it here...and shouldn't the doctors office help poor people. She ended up storming out of the office without an inhaler. Well today I went to Vons to pick up a prescription for Grandma and guess who was in the line behind me. Yep that rude laud annoying lady from the doctors office. She had a cart full of junk and I do mean full. She got up to the window next to me at the pharmacy and started yelling at the girl behind the counter that she did not have money to pay for her medications because she was poor. She wanted her medications for free. The girl that was helping me stopped and listened to what was going on, she seemed a little shocked, and so I leaned over to her and said that I had seen her doing the same thing at the doctor's office a few days ago and to just tell her no and she would leave. Sure enough about 15 seconds later the pharmacist came over and told the lady that she had to pay for the medicine and once again she got mad and walked away, with her cart full of junk. I was out of the store before she got to the front of the line at the checker so I am not sure what happened there, but if you can't afford your medicine then how can you afford all of the crap that she had in her cart?

I meant to tell me grandma this when I went to her house but forgot. I know she will be reading it here though!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I want an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle!

Well I really don't want that but I do want to go to Sears and purchase some of the peices to A Christmas Story.
There's the one where they Dad gets the Leg Lamp.
Flick's tongue stuck to the flag pole...I triple dog dare you!!!Can't forget the Bumpus hounds. How many did they have again?And Ralphie's house!!! They also have the department store and the school and a car with the tree tied to the top of it. I want them all!!!! I did notice that Sears has them on sale right now. It may take me a few years but someday I will own the entire set. Kohl's had them a few years ago but I have not seen them there yet this year.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tambourines and Elephants.....

My mom has the lyrics to CCR's Looking out my backdoor on her Festival of Felines blog and now I have that song stuck in my head. I was going to put the song on my playlist but I could not find it.

I have always wondered what Tambourines and Elephants meant in that song. Does anyone know????

And the purchase was....

I bought the 4 foot Snoopy inflatable thing for our yard!!! I can't wait to be able to put him up in the yard as soon as Thanksgiving is over.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I have decided....

I really want to get a new inflatable Christmas yard decoration this year. I have searched Home Depot online and have found this cute 4 foot Snoopy!!!! The best part is he is cheap ($25).

I have to wonder though will he fit in with our 4 foot and 8 foot penguins? I would really like to get this one...

But it's $70 and I don't want to spend that much for a yard decoration. We are going to put up our multicolored icicle lights and our infaltables and be done for this year. But I really want a Snoopy too.

Seaside Highland Games October 2008

In October I went to the Seaside Highland Games or the Scotish Festival as some people call it. I was amazed at the turnout this year. I think it was the most crowded it has been in the 5 years that it has been going on it Ventura. I saw this security gaurd drinking a beer while doing security for the opening ceremonies. I had to laugh at it because where else besides a scotish/irish festival would a security guard be allowed to drink a beer. I tried to get a picture of him actually drinking it but he had stopped taking his drink before the camera came on, so I took a picture of him with it in his hand.

We did go see The Wicked Tinkers play. They were wonderful like usual.

This one is from Ventura so of course I had to get a close up of him.

At the end of each day they do a closing cermony where all of the bagpipe bands march in. All of the band leaders are very serious and do not show any emotion.

This little boy was there last year also. He leads in the Northridge band I believe. He is so cute and watches all of the other leaders come in and follows what they do. The best part is watching him lead in the band and to see all of these grown men following him.

I do have more pictures from the day and will post the best ones another time. If anyone has not been to the Highland Games before you should go next year. It is a lot of fun. We tried to watch the athletics this year but it was very windy that day. We did see the pole where they toss the keg or whatever they were tossing this year fall down from the wind. It was kind of scary though it came close to hitting someone.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The best body scrub ever....

Do you have dry skin? Is it hot in your town and you need to be refreshed? I found that the Twisted Peppermint Body Scrub is the best body scrub that I have ever used. After using it your skin feels soft and refreshed. Jeremy even tried it and said that his skin was tingley (I know a weird word) after he got out of the shower. I LOVE this stuff. I know own 6 jars of it. I know that's a lot but it only comes out once a year. Plus I use coupons to get it every time I go to Bath and Body Works. We went to the one in the mall tonight and all of the holiday stuff was buy one get one 50% off. Between the 4 of us shopping (Gretchen, Jen and Cecilia) we cleaned them out of their stock that they just got back in. My goal is to get enough to last me for until it is released again next winter.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Uhm...Isn't it November???

What is wrong with our weather today? I woke up to wind and it's 86 outside, maybe even hotter. Aren't we supposed to have cooler temperatures and some cold weather??? Earlier this week it was cold and I was even wearing pants and a sweater and now today it's freaking hot and I am wearing shorts, a shirt and flip flops. I want winter to get here now!!! This stupid wind kicks up all the dust and pollen in the air so now I am once again sneezing. I really wish it would rain.

The one good thing about the east winds today is Monticeito is on fire so we are not getting all of the ash and smoke. But other than that I hate being hot.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trace Adkins at the Ventura County Fair August 2008

I love that the fair has concerts that are "FREE" all you have to do is pay to get into the fair. This year I only went to one concert. We saw Trace Adkins, yes the guy who was on Celebrity Apprentice. His concert was great. Jeremy did not go, he stayed at his mom's house and babysat Travis and Theresa. The bad part was the concert was on his birthday, but he was fine with babysitting because he knew how much I wanted to go to the concert.

Before the concert Jeremy's mom and I walked around a bit and looked at all the same crap that the fair has every year. We did go look at the animals which is always fun and I took this picture of a goat sign because it's name was Dude, which is what Theresa calls Jeremy.

This is my favorite picture of Trace Adkins. We were about 20 rows back and had a great view, plus with our new camera I got some good up close pictures.
Sorry this one is blurry I actually meant to post another picture but I chose the wrong one.

Darn wrong picture again. I thought thiat this was the one where you can see his eyes. I will have to go back through my pictures and post more later.

I liked this picture because of the palm tree behind him. I love the fair concerts because they are outside and since it is in August it is normally not hot at night. You are right next to the beach and get a nice breeze.