Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Importance of annoying things

Yep, that title makes no sense what so ever! Having a hard week this week. Last week our oven finally decided to quit lighting so we can not bake anything, including onion soup potatoes that I so desperatly wanted but we had to cook them in a frying pan instead which meant more oil, but hey who doesnt love fried potatoes??? THen Jeremy's air conditioning in the truck decided to stay ON with the truck OFF....really it stayed on. So $200 later we now have a air conditioning that turns off when it is supposed to. Today I am going to the fun female doctor....hoping to not have to have all of those fun things done when I am there. Really I am just going in to talk to her about a special pill to take that makes you ovulate more and increases the chances of pregnancy. I do not have insurance at the moment but we feel we really shouldnt wait much monger. Who cares if there is no insurance or money in the bank..people have kids all the time without insurance or money...maybe I will get insurance faster at work if there is a kid on the way.