Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A mini vacation

I am on a mini vacation. I drove up to Vacaville on Monday to see Jeremy's mom and brother in law and sister in law and nephews. The rest of the family came up on Saturday but I had stuff to do Monday morning and couldn't come up until then. It is super hot up here. Today was supposed to be 110 but it didn't feel that hot considering we spent part of the day in the pool. Jeremy couldn't come up with me since he has to work. We did have Todd come over and stay with my dog while Jeremy is at work. She is on a pretty tight potty schedule and Jeremy works a double on wednesday so someone has to be there to let her out.
I took a few pictures of the kids swimming today and need to take some more in the next few days. I will be driving back home on Friday and I can't wait to feel my cold ocean air.