Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stranded at the drive-in.....

First of all I have to say that I LOVE the movie GREASE. I can probably receit the whole movie. Yep I have seen it way to many times. What does that have to do with the title of my post, well one of my favorite scenes is when they are at the drive in and Danny and Sandy are stting in the car and he trys to make out with her, of course she gets mad and gets out of the car and runs away. So what does Danny do? he gets out of the car and sings "Stranded at the drive in.....branded a fool.....what will they say Monday at school....." then continues to sing sitting on a swing in front of the movie screne which is showing a dancing hot dog and bun, because the movie hasnt started yet. Yep I laugh everytime I watch it!

Anyway last week we has heard that a small one screen drive in reopend in Goleta. So we decided to go watch a movie, well 2 movies since at the drive in you get a double feature for the price of one movie!! So for $6.75 for adults and $1.00 for kids 5-11, we got to sit outside and watch 2 movies on a giant 65 foot screne. We went with some friends and they brought their 2 girls. We watched Shrek Forever, the kids fell asleep part way into the movie, and then we stayed for Ironman 2. Now for the stranded part, you now listen to the movie through your car radio, which of course means you wear your battery down. Our died during the first movie. Luckily Jesse brought a battery charger and was able to charge it and the theater employees have one so they go around and help who ever needs it. Of course we didn't get stranded, but I had to some up with good title. I have to say I missed going to the drive in!!! Its so much more fun to watch a movie from your car or the back of a truck. You can bring in your own food and drinks. Lots of people had beer, which I know you aren't supposed to do, but they do it anyway. We even saw one group of people who brought a couch. We brought chairs, but a couch??? Anyway a good time was had by all and we are deffinately going again soon!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

What happens when a 6 year old uses your camera in the backseat of the car.....

Theresa wanted to take some pictures when we were in the car on Sunday driving from my house to hers. Here are a few of the 50, yes 50 pictures she took.

I love this blurry one of her face!

And notice hoe to she the camera in the review mirror.

This is her dog that she won at the May Festival in Filmore.

A picture taken through a small American Flag that she "stole" from my house. You can see the dashboard through the flag. I would have never thought to take a picture like this!

A lovely self portait!

Yes she can even take upside down pictures!!

Another one of her dog!
Lesson learned.....don't let the 6 year old play with the camera in the car for a 15 minute drive without some rules!!!! She might end up being a great photographer some day!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Evann's play

I am behind on blogging!!!! Jeremy and I went to Evann's play last weekend. She did such a great job!!!! These pictures are out of order because my computer is being difficult. Look how grown up she is though! I was just looking at a picture today of her today at Grandma's house and I can't believe how old she is already!! Sorry about the last one being blurry. My camera was not being nice that night either!! I am working on some other pictures to post of other things we have done. Watch for them in the next few days!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Foot Uodate....

I know you are all dying to know what is going on with my foot. I saw the surgeon this morning and I do NOT need surgery!!! I do not have any broken bones or torn ligaments! What I do have is a huge bone bruise on my ankle which is what is causing all my pain. I am to continue with therapy and hopefully it will be healed in 6 to 8 weeks.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Phones in the bathroom

Today I had a voice mail from my sister all I could hear was the sound of the the toliet flushing and then running water. She pocket dialed me while she was in the bathroom. My first thought was that's just wrong and then I started to wonder how many people leave their phones in their pocket when using the bathroom. I know I don't for fear that it will fall in! I did get a good laugh out of it and its better that she called me and not her boyfriend!