Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Really Bad Week

This week has been terrible. It all startd on Sunday when I received a call from my dad letting me know that my grandma was in the hospital in San Deigo and she was unresponsive. I thought ok, what do I do. I kept myself busy on Sunday and did not worry about it. On Monday I got an email from my aunt. At that point it had been determined that grandma probably had congestive heart failure and was not doing well. Tuesday came along and I did not get an update that morning. I went to work and had an emotional day. That night I got my update that the hospice social worker thought grandma might not make it until Friday. I did not know what to do. I stayed up most of Tuesday night trying to decide if I should go to San Deigo or not. I got to work and sometime in between 8:20 and 8:30 Wednesday morning I decided I needed to go. I finished what work I needed to do and left about 10. I got home and Jeremy got ready to leave when my dad called to tell me that grandma had passed away at 8:20 that morning. I told him that I was just leaving to go see her so should could not be gone already. Jeremy and I got in the car to go down and see her body, but on the way my aunt let us know that we would not be able to see her until friday. So I thougth ok what do we do now. We truned around and went to the Santa Paula Cemetery which is where we are going to bury her ashes. We got the rice qoute we thought we needed only the other problem is that grandma wanted to be buried with her dad. Jeremy and I went back today and got the real price for the buriel...I hate cemeteries!!! On Friday we went fown and saw my grandma's body. I thought I would lose it and cry the whole time but I surprised myself I did not cry. I checked her out and kind of had to laugh...she was in a cardboard box. Apparently when you are going to be cremated they transfer you in a body bag and a cardboard box. Grandma looked good she was not pastey white like they are on tv. She was more yellow. Her eyes were donated to help someone else see, however when we saw her, the lids were glused shut and you could not tell that the eyes were gone. I touched her a few times and lifted more of the lid off of the box so I could look at her whole body. While we were standing in the room, the door opened really slowly and of course no one walked in. It got colder at that time too. My aunt said it was just the air conditioning and that the door was not all the way closed when we walked in. Jeremy and i laughed about it today and decided it was grandma telling us to leave already. Jeremy and i hd gone down to see her in January and about an hour after we got there she told us to leave becasuse Jeremy looked tired and we should go home. So now we are planning a memorial service which will be in a few months and in the meantime I am going to remember grandma and all of the fun stuff we used to do. Maybe I will remember some good stories to tell.

Friday, August 17, 2007

It's Friday!!!!!

Friday's are great days. It means no work for 2 days!!! We got to leave early today (with pay until 5!!) the bosses are on their way to a family reunion. So I am going to try and clean my house and do some laundry. I know what a fun way to spend a day off. Tomorrow i am taking my sister and brother (15 and 13) to Knotts Berry Farm for a sibling day. Not sure what I got myself into as they tend to fight alot. I told them both that if they fight, one gets left in lost and found and the other gets left on a ride and I am coming home. I wish that Joseph could come down and go and then the 4 of us could spend some time together. Oh well at least we should have fun.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I've Been Tagged

I've Been Tagged!
Enjoy...Jobs I've Held
1. Movie Theatre person (to many positions to write)
2. Dental Office (oh what fun that was)
3. Customer Service Rep ( my job now)
4. myself ( only worked 3 places)

Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
1. Pirates of the Carribean
2. Breakfast Club
3. Valley Girl
4. almost any 80's movie

Guilty Pleasures
1. coffee bean and tea leaf
2. Salt Water Taffy
3. pedicures
4. reality tv

Places I Have Lived
1. Ventura

Shows I Enjoy
1. Survivor
2. Big Brother
3. Amazing Race

What were the 1st things you thought when you saw your significant other for the first time?
1. Uhm Maybe
2. He has nice eyes
3. Nice butt
4. We will see what happenes

In a "jam" with your spouse, what tactics do you use to get out of the doghouse?
1. Say sorry
2. Yell right back
3. Cry
4. Ignore him

Places I've Been on Vacation
1. Lake Tahoe
2. Hawaii (when i was 9)
3. Vegas baby
4. Oregon

Favorite Foods
1. Pizza from Dominicks in Oxnard
2. Mexican
3. Ice Cream
4. anything that tastes good
Websites I Visit Daily
1. My Email
2. My Bank
3. My Blog
4. Everyone else's blog

Body Parts I Have Injured
1. Sprained ankle
2. Torn cartilige (????) in my knee
3. cut open hand with a freaking butter knife
4. ?????

Awards I Have Won
I probaly won some as a kid, but I cant think of them.

Nicknames I've been called
1. Jen
2. auntie (only to some little boy this IS my name)
3. Honey
4. Babe

Now I Get to pick 4 other Blog buddies to do this! Tag you're it!
If anybody wants to answer this be my guest and say I tagged you!!!

Who tagged me: Tammy

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Grocery Shopping

So Jeremy and I need to go shopping tonight. I hate going to the grocery store. We always spend lots of money but nver come home with any food. Why is that??? Becasue someone...I wont mention HIS name...always picks out junk food. And we always go when we are hungry which means we buy things that we want to eat right then. Well tonight we are going to go and buy some real food (and probably some junk food also). Then we will come home and cook dinner instead of running out to Jersey Mike's which sounds really good right now.

Monday, August 6, 2007

More summer vacation.....

Camping can be fun. This year when we went to Lake Casitas we thought we would have tons of fun. It ended up being way to hot and we did not get our good capmsite that we had last year. This year we did have a view of the lake, which was cool. The only problem was we did not have much shade. Oh and we were by the model airstrip. Evey morning we were woken up by the sound of model airplanes flying around. We did watch them for a while and then my dad asked me if I remembered when he used to do that. I laughed because all of a sudden I did remember it only back then the only place to fly them was by the cemetery and of course there was the one time when one crashed and landed in the cemetery. he thought it may have been more than once but I do remember it that one time.

Every other time we have been to the lake we used to have people ride in the back of the truck. The speed limit around there is 15 mph. This time there was tons of people riding in the back of trucks and boats that were being pulled by trucks. Well wouldnt you know it, we got pulled over. The ranger (Ranger Dick as we called him) told us that he stopped us because we had people in the back of the truck. So of course we said that we used to do it all the time and had never been told anything before. Ranger Dick then tells us that you can't do that anymore because the same laws that are applied outside of the lake now apply inside of the lake, but don't worry he will only give us a ticket for a small amount. I am thinking in the back of my mind, why not just give us a warning first moron. So we get a ticket for $50 and are told that if we pay it directly to Lake Casitas within the next 30 days they will not send it to the DMV. Let's see here, we pay the lake directly...another way for them to make money!!! Time to find a new place to go camping at!!! We had a great time anyway, but the ticket and the bee sting of one of our fellow campers almost ruined the whole trip. I will continue next time with more of our summer fun!!! Maybe I will figure out how to put pictures on here too. HEHEHEHE

Oh wow....So since I am tired of working today I decided to write my first blog, even though right now I have nothing really interesting to write about. Well my summer has been boring except for a few trips and visits. Let's see first Jeremy's brother Jon and his wfie, Mychele and the twins (Brett and Evan) were here for a visit in July. We took all 4 kids (Travis and Theresa also) and went to the Santa Barbara Zoo. We had tons of fun and I even got Travis to feed the giraffe with me. (I will post a picture later) Then 2 weeks later we went camping with my dad and my little sister and brother, poor Joseph did not get to come. What a weekend that was. Here's a tip, if you are allergic to bees (not any one of us....just a friend that came with us was - Sorry Kelly had to tell the truth) make sure that you bring your bee sting kit with you so you dont have to go to the hospital in an ambulance to get a shot. The lazy river at the Lake Castias water park is fun. But make sure you go at 5:00 pm when it is only $5.00 a person until 7:00 pm when they close. I think 2 hours of that is enough, you know screaming children and annoying adults who think that they own the whole place. We did have a great time there and for the most part it was relaxing. So that is enough storytelling for now. I need to finish some stuff before I go home!!!!