Thursday, June 13, 2013

Maybe I should update once in a while

Now that I am unemployed once again I should update this more often. I have been out of work for almost a week and so far I haven't done much. I decided to take a week to relax and get some much needed cleaning done in the house. Well I have relaxed and cleaned a little but not very much got done.
I have been working on getting funding so I can go back to school. On Monday I need to call the financial aid office at Ventura college and figure out what other paperwork I need to fill out with them. I am also trying to figure out what classes to take in the fall and what day registration is. Yep I have been having tons of fun.
We finally got a winco grocery store in town. We tend to shop there more than vons now. They have some great prices and we love the bulk section. I grabbed some peach gummi bears when we were there last time and they are really good.