Friday, October 31, 2008

Same song as my Aunt Heather!!!

How funny is it that my Aunt Heather and I are the same Karaoke song??

Your Karaoke Theme Song is "Margaritaville"

You are a true party animal, but your style is mild and chill.
Kicking back with a few friends and a few drinks is all you need to be happy.

You certainly don't feel pressured to be a part of any party scene. In fact, you avoid trendier spots.
You've been known to kick loose anywhere and everywhere. All you need is a cooler.

You might also sing: "Gin and Juice," "Love Shack," and "Red Red Wine"

Stay away from people who sing: "Wind Beneath My Wings"

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Here is what Cinderella is supposed to look like. I don't think that Jeremy is going to be as cute as her but we will try to make him adorable. I will post pictures this weekend of tomorrow!!!!


Well tomorrow is the big day. I get to get up early to help my husband transform into Cinderella before he goes to work. Tonight I have to get the wig into the Cinderella hairstyle. Can you believe that he is going to let me put make up on him? I am tempted to go to the office when he goes just to see the look on everybody's face. I will be taking lots of pictures. I need to charge up the video camera so we can take video of it also.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No more blonde hair...

I got tired of my blonde hair a few months ago. So I have been very slowly having my hair lady add red to it. Well today I had a hair appointment I figured it would be good for me to get my hair done so it looks decent at those many job interviews that I do not have. So I had my lady get rid of the blonde!! The ends were looking very over bleached. So now my hair is red with some red highlights. I took these pictures myself since Jeremy is slepping because he has to work all night. I will get some better ones taken this weekend!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sierra's new toy

Sierra loves toys. Especially the long skinny dogs that Petsmart sells. I picked up this new one today because it was one clearance. It is a Halloween one that looks like a devil. This one is 18 inches long which is almost as long as she is. It is so funny to watch her drag it from room to room. Normally when I give her a new toy it takes her a while before she will play with it. Not this one though. As soon as I got home she knew that I had a new baby for her and she tried to grab the bag out of my hands. She kept jumping up for it when I was cutting the tags off of it. As soon as I gave it to her she carried it to my bed and started licking it all over. I sat down to play with her and she started licking me all over. I guess she likes this one. We normally get her the ones that are like 10 inches long, so this is great for her it is big!! They have an even bigger one at the store which we will get someday. The only problem with these toys is she likes to rip them up and take all the stuffing out and the sqeakers out as well and then still plays with the shell. Hopefully this one will last a few months.

Monday, October 27, 2008

CMT or Country Music Channel

Jeremy and I usually never watch CMT but earlier this year I found a great reality TV show on CMT called My Big Redneck Wedding. This is the best show ever. It shows the dumbest people in the world getting married, to each other non the less.

Here is a picture from one wedding. This couple made their own wedding arch using beer cans. This episode was funny!! The guy propsed to her by peeing in the street, will you marry me. The girl loses her teeth the morning of the wedding and her furture mother in law askes her if she wants to borrow hers. Also the night before the wedding the woman stays at a hotel and she farts in the bathtub. Tom Arnold is the host and he cracks us up with his stupid comments. The new season of this show just started about 3 weeks ago. It is on Saturdays on CMT (not sure what time). We have it set to be recorded on the TIVO.

I hope that some of you have either watched this show already or watch at least one episode to see how dumb people are in this country. The best new episode was where a brother and sister got married (the sister turned out to be adopted by his parents). We laughed pretty much through out this whole show. We only watch this show for it's entertainment value.

Battle wound pics

This is the picture of my right arm, which just ended up being a small scratch and a big bruise. I know that this is a crappy picture.Here is a picture of part of my knee. It looked much worse than the picture shows.

And a blurry picture of my left arm. I ended up with a bruise all around the cuts too!!!

I did go to the doctor on Friday because my knee was still hurting and swollen. They believe that my knee cap is brusied which is why I am still in pain!!! ut the good thing is the old bed is now gone and we have a nice big comfortable bed to sleep in!!!

One very big Cinderella dress

Gretchen came by today ans dropped off Jeremy's Cinderella dress. She was kind enough to sew it for us!!! I have to say it came out very cute however since it is for a big boy it kind of looks like a potatoe sack. I now just have to work on getting the wig put up into a bun and borrow Theresa's blue Cinderella headband. Yesterday I found a necklace and earings for him. I have fingernail polish for him that is full of sparkles and the dress even has glitter on it. I can't wait until Friday!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Way to silly....

The Bathtub Test During a recent visit to mental asylum, I asked the Director how doeshe determine whether or not a patient should be institutionalized. 'Well,' said the Director,
'we fill up a bathtub, then we offer a teaspoon,
a teacup and a bucket to the patient
and ask him or her to empty the bathtub.' 'Oh, I understand,' I said.
'A normal person would use the bucket because
it's bigger than the spoon or the teacup.'

'No,' said the Director, 'A normal person would pull the plug.
Do you want a bed near the window?'


Sunday, October 19, 2008

All Bandaged up....

We got a new bed today and so we had to tear apart our old broken bed. It was a waterbed frame that belonged to Jeremy's Dad. It was old and the screws where stripped. Jeremy had taken it apart and just needed to move the drawers that were on the bottom of the bed so he asked me for help. We decided to move the drawers (3 in a row) as a whole instead of taking them apart. We had moved 2 sets of them and was moving the third when I tripped and fell into the drawers that were still on the ground and then my arms fell into the drawers that we were holding. I have some huge scraps on my left arm and a small one on my right arm and my right leg is pretty banged up, from my knee to my foot. Of course we did not have any bandaids in the house. Jeremy had to go to CVS and buy some stuff to clean me up and cover my wounds. My arm and knee are swollen and very painful right now. I will take some pictures tomorrow and will post them for all to see.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Here is a new school picture of Evan and Brett. Aren't they cute?? Brett is the red head and Evan is the blonde. We get to see them in December!!

It's October we are on fire....

What else is new?? It seems that every October we are on fire. We actually had a small fire on Saturday in the river bottom by Ventura Avenue. I was at the Highland games (i will blog about that later) and we saw smoke and we able to watch the Helicopters drop water on the fire in the river bottom. I have not heard if the homeless people who live down there started the fire or if it was caused by something else. It was put out pretty quickly and we did not get a lot of ash or smoke. Now everybody is watching the other fires and wondering if they are going to come into Ventura County or not. It all depends on the Santa Anna Winds, which we have no wind today at least not yet anyway.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Prop 8

I normally do not go crazy over politics. I hate discussing them with people as it is alway a difference of opinion between people. The prop 8 commercials are driving me insane. We saw the one yesterday where the little girl brings home a book from school and tells her mother that she learned that 2 princes can marry each other and so she can marry another girl (this happened in Massachusetts where they do not have the same laws that we have). So basically the people for prop 8 are telling me that if it passes our kids will learn all about gay marriage in school. Well Calfornia has a law that kids learning about health and marriage has to have a signed permission slip from their parents in order to stay in the class. I read the story about the teacher who got married in San Francisco and her first grade students where there. One of the mothers of the students came up with the idea of the kids going and 2 students did not go because their parents did not approve. So to me that says that yes parents do have a choice. I know people will say, you don't have any kids yet so what does it matter. Well some of you don't know that I do have a gay step brother and if he was to decide that he wanted to get married I would support him 100%.

Here is the link to the story that I read
Read it if you want to or don't read it. I know that everyone will be voting the way they feel. Now I have shared my opinion on the subject and I really don't want to talk about it much longer. I am now just counting down the days until those commercials are no longer on tv.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bath and Body Works

I went to Bath and Body works today because I got an email that said their really good 3 wick candles were on sale, once I got there I found out that the sale was over, so no new candle for me. I did get another surprise though, Twisted Pepperment is back out for sale!!!! My favorite winter scent, the lotion is cooling and really helps with dry skin. Sincee the foaming hand soap was on sale I got some peppermint hand soap and boy does it smell good. Last year I bought the peppermint room fragence oil for my oil burner and I have managed to save some but I know that it will be gone soon. I am going to have to get some more. So if anyone is wondering if I need anything from Christmas, yes I know it is going to be a cheap Christmas this year, I will take anything Peppermint from Bath and Body Works.


Did anyone else watch CSI last night???? I normally love this show and just can not get enough of it, but boy was I ticked off last night. I still can not believe that they killed of Warrick. The episode was very sad with them trying to find his killer and plan his funeral. Of course it was nothing like ER last week when Dr. Pratt died and was such a tear jerker episode that I will never watch that episode again (kind of the same way I was when Dr. Greene died like 8 years ago). But CSI will not be the same again without Warrick and Grisom is leaving the show too.

On a happier note this weekend is the Highland games at the fairgrounds. That means lots of men in skirts, lots of drinking and hopefully a lot of fun.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cinderella Update

I have spent a lot of time today searching for a blue dress that will fit Jeremy and have not found anything. I did get a pattern for the dress so I am going to make one. The pattern is small so I will have to enlarge it in order to make a bigger dress. The funny thing is when I would go into a store and say what I needed most people laughed and thought it was a great costume idea. To bad that no one cares men's dresses!

Updated Music

So I thought that I would add some Halloween music to my playlist. In searching for songs I came across Chucky Cheese Hell, which I have never heard before and I laughed the whole way through it. I apologize now if it insults anyone who likes chucky cheese but I had to share it with you all. I also added Barbie Girl because it is another dumb and funny song. Just trying to make everyone smile!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Jeremy has started a blog!! I have added a link to his blg on my list. check it out, maybe he will even update it once in a while!!!

Halloween is coming!!!!!

Today I decided to clean up the house and put up some Halloween decorations. I went outside to the shed to get my Halloween box and man it is freaking hot outside. We do not have air conditioning in the house and it is starting to get hot inside too. So what am I going to do now? Well I am going to still clean but make it going through boxes of junk that need to be gotten rid of and trying to stay cool. It's October it is not supposed to be hot like this.

Jeremy and I are going to try to go to Walmart tonight to look for stuff for his Cinderella costume. I know why go to that bad's cheap and I don't want to spend a lot of money on this. Maybe we can find an adult Cinderella costume and just make some adjustments to it so it will fit him. Jeremy called me from work yesterday to let me know that Cinderella wears a choker necklace, I told him the same thing about 4 days ago. I guess he was looking at Cinderella online and found that out. Maybe I should get him to write his own post about Cinderella.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Knotts Halloween Haunt

Last weekend we went to Knotts Halloween Haunt. We had a lot of fun going through the mazes and being scared. All though no one could scare Jeremy, which irrated me. I did not take a lot of pictures this year I think because Gretchen was not with us and when we are together we take a lot of pictures. We went to the Killer Clown Kollage maze which I missed last year, it was actually pretty funny. Emily did not like this one as she does not like clowns.
The Poo Man Group was playing in the Lost Vegas section...I know pretty dumb but at the time we thought it was funny.

These are 2 of the clowns who chased people through the park. There are lots of characters like these that run through the park and sneek up behind you. When we first got there one of them spotted Emily and chased her around in circles around me and when she finally stopped running he snorted at her and ran away to bother someone else. I couldn't stop laughing at her. Jeremy missed it because he was standing in the long bathroom line. We were able to hit all of the mazes this year, which is a first for me. It was not very crowded and we started the opisite direction of most people. We have also mastered getting in early. The trick is to buy your tickets online and then get there early and walk in the entrance area, they are supposded to open the gates at 7 but they are normally open at 6:30. We had a fun night and can't wait to go again next year.

Friday, October 3, 2008

One purple cast please

Yes that is a real cast on Theresa's arm. She fell down and has a buckle fracture in her wrist. You can read the whole story on her mom's blog (Jen). Theresa thinks that the cast is great and was really excited when she got it. There is also a sad and pathetic picture of her on her mom's blog. She had her choice of colors for her cast and since pink and purple are her favorite colors, and pink was not an option for some reason, she choose purple. Poor kid a few days after the cast issue she fell into the rosebushes at their house and scraped up her leg pretty good.