Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What to blog about....

I have some pictures to post from the weekend. We did go to Knotts Halloween haunt and had loads of fun. I will hopefully get the camera downloaded tomorrow. I need to do laundry but I don't feel like it. Jeremy is working right now until sometime after midnight and of course I can not sleep when he is not home. So the dog and I are sitting on the couch watching ER season 1. Speaking of ER I can not believe that this is the last season!!!! They are supposed to bring back a lot of old characters the one I am wondering about the most is Dr. Green (Anthony Edwards) who they killed off a few seasons ago. They had him die of brain cancer so I am not sure how he is going to be coming back.

We have continued to watch the new 90210 and it has gotten much better and a lot less sexual than the first episode. I am enjoying watching it now. Desperate Housewives started on Sunday...kind of werid this season, they made it start 5 years after the last season ended. Brothers and Sisters also started on Sunday, very good show, if you have not watched it then you must try one episode.

The only other show I am waiting for is CSI, which starts in October. Other than that I need to learn to nt watch so much tv.

So Theresa had requested that Jeremy be Princess Cinderella for Halloween and he will do it but wants someone to py him $50 for doing it...any takers?? I need to find a dress big enough to fit him or figure out a way to make one. I have some ideas which I might work on tomorrow. Can you imagine Jeremy in a Cinderella costume taking Travis and Theresa trick or treating????? I would give him $50 to do it if I had the money!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

I heard a rumor.....

Jeremy told me today that he talked to Earl and Earl reads my blog!!!!! I would never have known that since he NEVER leaves any comments. So Earl leave a comment once in a while, we miss hearing from you!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Why do I feel like I am always doing laundry? Jeremy cleaned out bedroom over the weekend and brought out a lot of clothes that were piled up. So I hve been taking my time this week and washing everything and going through the things that we never weat, time to donate our junk for that all important tax write off. I don't mind washing the clothes, especially with our new washer and dryer, but I hate folding the clothes and putting them away. Jeremy always telle me to fold them and he will out them away, but we all know how men can be and it takes him about 3 days of me bugging him before the clothes get put away. So I guess today I will be folding everything and putting it all away.

Nothing els is going on with us. Jeremy is at work now and has to work tonight at a football game in Carpenteria, so I will eat dinner by myself. The good thing is that Survivor and ER both start tonight. I am shocked that this is ER's final season. Not sure what I will watch on Thursday's once it ends. CSI Las Vegas does not start again until 10/9 and I am very much looking forward to that.

We did watch Heros on Monday night, however I need to watch that episode again because I was very confused. Was anyone else confused??

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Jon!!

Today is my brother in law, Jon's Birthday. I know it's a pretty bad picture but it is the only one that I could find this morning. This was taken when we all went to San Diego in April. I will make sure to take some better pictures when we see them all in December.

Happy 34th Birthday Jon!!

Little sisters can be a pain in the butt....

We went to my dad's house on Sunday and my sister, Emily, has decided that I need to take her to Knott's Halloween Haunt, she was mad that I did not take her with me when I went last year. I explained to her that we are tight with money right now and may not be able to go, but I would check to see what kind of discount tickets there are and we would think about it. I have gone for the past 2 years and it is a lot of fun to go, but the tickets are about $39 per person with the discount from Burger King. I called her last night to talk to her about it and she says that she has "old people" (meaning our dad and her mom) that would give her money to go. Now I don't think of my dad as being old (He is only 54) but then I thought about it Emily is 16 and I guess that 54 would seem old to her!! So now I am playing with our budget to see if we can afford to take her. I think tonight we will go by Burger King and see if they still have the discount coupons, maybe that will make us decide if we are going or not!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Can't sleep....

It's 2 am and I can not sleep. Why can't I sleep you night ask, well my mind is going in 50 different directions. I still have not found a job, I have bills to pay and our checking account is running out of money faster than I can put money in. I will get my next unemployement check in a week and Jeremy just got paid, but the money is leaving the checking account and going to bills. Car insurance was due yesterday so that had to be paid and my car payment was due last week so that is paid. Rent is due again in a little over a week. Is there ever an end to this?? On the plus side I now owe less than $2000 on my car and it should be paid off in January!!!

I keep thinking that things could be worse. At least the truck is paid off and we do not have a house payment (Thanks Mom for giving us the house), we just get to pay space rent now, which is less than a mortage but will go up again in Febuary. I am glad for the time that I have been able to be at home. I am slowly getting things cleaned up and we painted our living room. I just now need to paint a few other walls and then the house will feel really clean. My next big project is to clean out our junk storage area. I am going to see what stuff we can sell but I think most of it is junk that needs to be tossed or maybe some stuff can be donated for that all inportant tax write off.

I think I am going to go watch some tv and maybe take some melatonin and maybe then I will be relaxed enough to get some sleep.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Movie Review.....

Jeremy ad I actually went to the movies the other night. We saw Tropic Thunder, I was told that it was pretty funny, which it was but it was also kind of stupid. We laughed through a lot of the movie but it is one that I am so glad that we did not pay to go see it, we used our passes that my Dad gives us.
This movie is a must rent if you enjoy comedy movies. Yes it does have tons of swear words, but you can't help but laugh at Ben Stiller, he is funny and stupid all at the same time!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Holidays are coming.....

Has anyone else noticed that it is only September and there is already Christmas stuff out along with Halloween stuff???? Who buys Halloween candy in September? We don't because it would be gone way before Halloween. We usually aren't even home that night so we don't normally buy any of it. It is driving me nuts that both Target and Kmart have Christmas decorations already for sale. Why not wait until the day after Halloween, why now?? I swear Christmas stuff is being put out earlier every year. If it keeps on this way then sometime in the near future it will all be out in June or July, or maybe someday it will be out all year!! I love Christmas, but I can not get excited about it until after Thanksgiving. I just hope that stores are not playing Christmas music before Halloween!!

Happy Birthday Joseph!!!!

Happy Birthday to my brother Joseph!!! I do believe that he is 27 today!!! I can remember when he was born. I was in 1st grade I think, I was going to school at E.P. Foster and I was sent to the principal's office. She pulled me onto her lap and told me that I had a brother. I wish I could remember her name but I don't after all that was 27 years ago!!
Anyway I am posting a few pictures of the boy from when we were kids. I do not really have any new pictures of him. The last time I saw him was almost a year ago....that's a long story for another day...and I really did not get any good pictures of him then.
This picture was taken after he had some birthday cake from a long ago birthday!!

Happy 27th Birthday Joseph!!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Kids say the weridest things....

So on Thursday I picked up Theresa from her speech school and was driving her back to Tutor Time when she decides to tell me something...

Theresa - Auntie, f&%k it is a bad word

Me (trying not to laugh) - What did you just say??

Theresa - f&%k it is a bad word

Me - Yes it is and please don't say that anymore (while still biting my lip and trying not to laugh)

Now Theresa does have speech issues and she could have been trying to say something else, but it sure sounded like what I thought she said. But hopefully she was trying to say something else, like maybe forget it is a bad word.

This reminded me of the time my brother Joseph said shit. I think my mom was putting away grocies and she said it for some reason and so he just repeated what he heard. I can also remember driving down the freeway when Joseph was still in a carseat and he threw one of his cars out of the window. I know kids do and say dumb things all of the time, but sometimes you can not help but laugh at them.

Theresa also told me during this same car trip that Uncle Jeremy (Uncle Dude as she has been calling him for months now) is now going to be called Silly Uncle. And last week she told me to paint Uncle's room pink and that we could not tell him we were doing it, it would be a surprise. She also told me that Grandma (Jeremy's mom) is crazy. When I told Grandma this tonight we asked Theresa why she said that and she said because she wanted to call her crazy and started laughing at herself.

Now Travis surprised me tonight. He came over and gave me a hug and kiss, which is rare these days now that he is almost 7 and he told me thank you!!! I was shocked and I have to wonder will he be that sweet tomorrow??

Thursday, September 11, 2008


It has been 7 years now since the Twin Towers fell. I will never forget the events of that day and how we were glued to the tv for over 24 hours watching everything that happened.

Here it is 7 years later and we are still at was with Iraq. Jeremy and I have to friends over there right now, Rich and Denise, and we thank then and all of the other American Soldiers fighting for our freedom!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


We watched the all new 90210 last night. I was a big fan of the original show, in fact I own the first 4 seasons and am waiting for season 5 to go on sale so I can get it. This new show is odd. They talk alot of body parts and the main girl meets a rich guy and flies off to San Francisco for dinner with him and then of course her parents find out and she gets grounded. Kelly Talyor (Jennie Garth) plays the school guidance counsler and her younger sister Erin Silver now goes to West Beverly. Brenda Walsh (Shannen Dougherty yeah however her name is spelled) comes back to BH to visit Kelly. And Kelly has a 4 year old boy, but no father in sight, from what I have read the father will turn out to be Dylan McKay, who is also supposed to come back, but he is not in the kids life right now...hum sounds like the original shows were Dylan's father was not around because he was either running from the police or in jail. The surprising thing was Hannah Zuckerman-Valsquez, Andrea and Jesse's daughter, who if I remember right is about 2 years younger than Erin Silver in the original series...anyway Hannah is a journalism person, just like her mom, and made a small appearance very quickly when the show started. She was doing the West Beverly High news on the school tv channel...Jeremy and I caught her name right away and started laughing. Donna Martin-Silver (Tori Spelling, remember she married David Silver on the last episode) is supposed to come back sometime in the future which means that David better come back too. And then if they are going to do that then they need to bring back the entire original cast. I was very excited to see that the Peach Pit is still around, even the original Nat was there, but now the Peach Pit looks like a Starbucks. Of course all the kids still go there and drink coffee.

We will watch the next few episodes to decide if we are going to like it or not. I do have to wonder how the ratings were and if the show will make it as good as the first series did. Did anybody else watch it last night???