Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Goodbye Mr. Whipple

I was so sad to learn that Mr. Whipple passed away this week. Actually I had no idea that he was still alive. I can still remember his commercials!! It was sad when they went off the air. I wonder if there is a DVD with those commercials on it...I think I will have to check into that. When I buy toliet paper I normally get the pink Quilted Northern since they donate money to breast cancer, but I think I will have to go buy some Charmin for Mr. Whipple.
I will always remember his most famous line:
Don't squeeze the Charmin!!!
Rest in Peace Mr. Whipple.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

Just wanted to share some fun pictures of the kids!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lowes Update

I got an email back from Lowes and here is what they said:

NOTICE:All information in and attached to the e-mail(s) below may be proprietary, confidential, privileged and otherwise protected from improper or erroneous disclosure. If you are not the sender's intended recipient, you are not authorized to intercept, read, print, retain, copy, forward, or disseminate this message. If you have erroneously received this communication, please notify the sender immediately by phone (704-758-1000) or by e-mail and destroy all copies of this message (electronic, paper, or otherwise). Thank you.
Thank you for contacting Lowe’s to call to our attention the error in our holiday catalog.
You may already be aware that Lowe’s has apologized for the advertising error. We understand the confusion created when we headlined the page of Christmas trees “family trees”. The error was not caught before the publication was distributed and we are disappointed in the breakdown in our own creative process.
Lowe’s is committed to selling Christmas trees, as we have done for more than 60 years. And, we refer to the trees as Christmas trees in all television and magazine ads and in Lowe’s advertising flyers.
We will redouble our efforts to proof our catalogs in the future to prevent this issue from recurring.
We appreciate your understanding.
Lowe's Customer Care

Well hopefully this is true. It just ticked me off to see that Christmas Tress were going to be called Family Trees.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I am offically boycotting Lowes. We found out at work today that Lowes is no longer selling Christmas Tress, they are now called Family Tress. I had to ask myself what the hell is a family tree???? And how do you decorate that without using Christmas Ornaments? Several of us found a way on Lowes.com to email and complain. Enough of this we can't say Christmas crap....if we who celebrate Christmas can't say it then I think that people who celebrate Hanuka should not be able to say that either. Whatever happened to honoring holidays? When I was a kid we always had a big celebration for Christmas and it was fine then. Now it is a family tree, not a christmas tree, next Christmas will be called family day, how dumb is that?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Men in Skirts

On October 1th I went to the Highland games at Seaside Park with Gretchen and her mother -in-law Marsha. We ate some good food, shopped alot, listened to some great music and looked at alot of men in skirts.

The Wicked Tinkers are a great Scottish band and they put on a great show. I can't wait to gp back and see them next year.

The great thing about the Highland games is I always run into my family. This year I found 2 of my aunts and an uncle, I missed my Grandma though because she went the day before. I think next year I will go both days.

Watch for the dates and plan to attend next year there iss lots for eveyone to see.

Men in Skirts