Saturday, August 11, 2012

Aerosmith concert!

Last Monday I finally got to see Aerosmith play at the Hollywood Bowl. Of course they didn't allow cameras in and I tried to take some with my phone but we were far enough away that they came out terrible. Our seats ended up being almost dead center but we were towards the top, just one giant section down from the top. But they were good enough for me to finally enjoy seeing my favorite band. Cheap Trick opened for them and they were pretty good, I am not sure if I like their new music or not but they still sound the same. Aerosmith played for 2 hours so I definitely got my money's worth. For their last song they brought out a surprise guest and it was none other than Johnny Depp or Captian Jack Sparrow. He played his guitar with them and sounded great. My video I took of it was really blurry from the bright lights so I borrowed the above video from YouTube. I still couldn't believe my luck that I got to not only see Aerosmith but I also saw my favorite actor play with them. It was such a great night. I also learned at the bowl it is best to pay the money for valet parking. It was really easy to get my car afterwards and was able to get out of the parking lot a lot quicker!