Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Weekend is over already?

Not sure how it happened but the weekend is over and I did not finish reading a book. I picked up one of the Dexter books Friday night and I have read maybe 40 pages so far. My hair appointment on Saturday took a while so I did not read much that day and today I felt like watching stupid movies. So Emily and I watched The Blob (the 80's version is terrible), Scream and Sleep Away Camp 2. They were all pretty stupid. So now my plan is to catch up reading some blogs, then I am going to read a few pages of my book and then I am going to bed. I need to get to sleep early so I am not so tired in the morning. Hopefully this week I will get around to downloading my camera so I can post some pictures from my 3 day Disneyland trip and maybe even some from the Highland Games.

Friday, October 23, 2009

First week is over...

I made it through my first week of work! So far we have been pretty slow which is good because it is giving me time to get used to being at work all day. This first week did fly by pretty quickly but I am tired every night when I get home. I am trying to get myself to beed early but I am so used to staying up late that it has been kind of a struggle. My favorite part about my job is the cappacino machine that we have. We get to have lots of coffee!! I also like the fact that I have my own cubicle and don't have to sit at the front desk. That desk is being saved for when we hire a receptionist, I am very excited that I will no longer have that title. Right now I am customer support and temporary receptionist. We are waiting to hire one until we are a little busier.


My new shoes came the other day and they are to small so I will be taking them back to the store and getting a refund. I am kind of bummed but I know that I will find something else better.

We don't really have any plans for this weekend except returning my shoes and I have a hair appointment tomorrow. Tonight I am hanging out in bed watching tv and reading a book. I may play Toy Stpry Mania on the Wii in a bit and then I am going to bed.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Goodbye Freedom, Hello Paycheck

My freedom is almost over! I have one more day until i go back to work and I am already looking forward to taking a vacation. I bought some clothes today and will wash everything tomorrow and be ready to start work on Monday. I am excited to have a job again, but also nervous to be going back. I am really to recieve these cute shoes that I had to order from the shoe store in the right size.

They did not have my size in the store and they offered free shipping so I ordered them and am waiting for them to show up. Until my foot heeals all the wy I have to stick with flater shoes so I don't mess it up more than it already is. In fact I am having lots of pain in it today. I have way to much walking the past few days and plan on relaxing as much as possible tomorrow so it does not hurt on Monday.
Not much else is going on with us. We watched The Propsal with Sandra Bullock in it tonight. I love that movie. If you have not seen it then you need to rent it. Betty White is super funny in it. Now I am going to go lay down and maybe watch Snow White. I am in a disney movie mood.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rain Day #2

It's still raining today!!! I am going to be bummed tomorrow hen it's not raining. I am so looking forward to winter and hope that it is a very rainy one for us. I get to wear jackets and pants and my fuzzy cheap version of uggs (you know those warm fuzzy boots).

I wish I could say that I m getting a lot done during my last week of freedom before I go back to work but I really havent done anything other than play on the computer. I need to get the house clean and do laundry. Maybe I will go through in a load of towels in a few minutes. I would love to go take a nap but I am trying to get myself back on a normal schedule. I need to go to sleep before 2am. My dog is super lazy. In fact she is still in bed and once again has not gotten up to eat breakfast. I do need to go to the pet store and buy more food the animals. I really just want to have a lazy rainy day. I should go make some coffee.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It's raining!!! I love it when it rains! I got a job and I start on Monday!! I am super excited.

I relly don't have anything else to blog about right this moment. I am just sitiing here drinking coffee and enjoying the rain. The dog is sleeping because thats all she does all day long. She has not even gotten up to hve breakfast yet. She is not going to want to go outside today because of the rain. She does not like to get wet. She gets mad when we give her a bath. Maybe it will stop raining long enough for her to go outside.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Keep your fingers crossed!!

I am going to meet with my old bosses at their new office on Monday. Hopefully they will get me started soon as I am going crazy without a job!!

I have had nothing to blog about lately. Fall TV shows have started. We are addicted to The Vampire Diaries. I know we watch to much tv but this show is pretty good all though probably meant for teenage girls but we both enjoy it. CSI has started again, rumor has it this might be the last season for the Vegas one, which happens to be my favorite. I really hope that they don't end this show, that would make Thursdays even worse after ER ended. Heros started again and i am already 3 episodes behind. Jeremy watches it every Monday but I keep forgetting to watch it. I love having TIVO, I love being able to record my shows and watching them later without commercials. I don't have to watch them while they are on tv, I can watch them the next day!! Yep we are exciting people.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Literal Videos on You Tube

Since I can't seem to sleep tonight I thought that I would play around on the computer. Gretchen has been telling me about the literal videos that she has been watching on You Tube so I thought I would check them out. The best one I have watched so far is Meatloaf's I would do anything for love. They take his video and sing the song differently, it's all sung about what is happening in the video.

Hopefully this link works. I had to laugh at this video it is hilarious!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yeah it's finally October. I am going to decorate for Halloween this weekend. We are not normally home on Halloween but I still like to decorate. Plus it gives me a chance to clean up from the summer. Now if only our weather would coperate and it would cool off. Today we had heat and santa ana winds. I am ready for cooler days and crisp temperatures. Anyway I will post Disneyland pictures soon. I still have to download the camera.