Monday, April 28, 2008

My Birthday

So Jeremy has decided that we should go to Disneyland for my birthday. I love Disneyland and really want to go. It is just so expensive now!! Anyone want to make a donation to my Disneyland fund?? HAHAHA!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Miss Theresa

I got to pick Theresa up from her Assistance League (this is where she goes to help with her speach) yesterday and take her back to Tutor Time for the rest of the day. When I got there to pick her up she was so excited and told everybody "That my auntie". Once we were buckled into the car and on the way to Tutor Time, she asked me if she could stay with me. I told her that I had to go back to work but i would be picking her up after work at Tutor Time. She then asked where her uncle was, I had to explain to her that he was working and had a dentist appointment that he had to go to. That was a big mistake though, because then she wanted to know why he had to go the dentist, which I explained to her as best I could. I then changed the subject and asked her what she wanted to do this weekend. She decides that she wants to go back to Legoland and that I should take her there right then. It's a good thing that we got tickets from Costco that gives you 3 months free after the first use. I tell her that we can't go today it's to far to drive. She then tells me again that we are going this weekend. I told her that she would need to speak with her parents about that.

A few minutes go back and I told her to take a quick nap before getting to tutor time. Theresa starts to snore, she was pretending to sleep. She said "auntie I am sleeping". Of course I am trying not to laugh. I look back at her a few minutes later and she has her pant legs rolled up past her knees. I ask her why she did that and she told me that she was to hot, since we were almost at school I told her to let me know next time that she was hot and I would turn the air on for her. I was freezing since it was about 60 outside. Once we got to tutor time she went in with the teacher and never even said bye to me. Jeremy and I went to pick her up after 5 and she was once again excited and was very bouncy. She then decided that we could not go to Legoland yesterday because she would miss her mommy, daddy and brother. This kid totally cracks me up.

Monday, April 21, 2008


I have posted a slide show with some of my favorite pictures from Legoland. We had a great time playing with all 4 kids. I will post some more pictures from the weekend later. Travis wanted to go on the big kid roller coaster, which was more of an adult one, he loved it. Jeremy and I had to buy the picture that they take of you when you go down the first drop because the look on his face was priceless. I will scan it in and will post that picture too!!!

Check out my Slide Show!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


We are leaving tonight for Oceanside and will be enjoying Legoland tomorrow with the nephews and niece. I will post pictures once we get home!! I am getting everything packed this morning so I am ready to leave once Jeremy gets home!!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spoiled Dog

This is our dog, Sierra. She is the most spoiled dog in the world. Jeremy will wrap her up in a blanket when she is sleeping and cold.

I love to ask her questions and have her tilt her head.
We got lucky with this dog. She is very sweet and pretty much loves everybody. She loves to lick the kids when they come over. So we know that she will be good when we finally have kids. Sierra is 3 now and has finally out grown the puppy chewing on everything stage. She still loves to play and really likes it when I come home from the store with a new toy for her.

This is my "new" cat Bella. She just turned a year old but is still an evil little kitty. She drove me nuts last night jumping on the bed and biting my feet and running away. I finally got up and locked her out of my room. Jeremy calls her a devil kitty, which she sure can be!!


Our little niece (Princess Porcupine Theresa) will be turning 4 this Saturday. Since we going to Legoland for her birthday this weekend with the whole family, we had her birthday party last Saturday.

We had some yummy cake!!!
She is very much a princess!!

For the past month this litle girl has been singing Happy Birthday to Me everywhere we went. She has been so excited about her party and even wanted to play games. The kids played musical chairs, duck duck goose and put the princes in the castle (a Disney version of pin the tail on the donkey). We even had a pinata where you pull strings instead of hitting it with a bat.

Theresa loves her brother Travis. I tried to get him to look at me too, but he was being shy.

Theresa got lots of presents. She is very much into Ariel now so we got her an Ariel doll.

Travis is a good shopper and bought her this dress.

The funny thing about Theresa is for the past 2 months she would tell me that she was not Theresa, her name was Priness Cinderella. I would ask her where Theresa was and she would tell me that she ran away and would be back for her birthday. The things kids come up with sometimes, they crack me up!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Camera!!!

Jeremy let me go buy a new camera last week. I loved my Kodak easy share, but the pictures were coming out blury. I had found a new Kodak online and we went to go look at it at Best Buy and found out that it was not a very good camera. I saw a Canon that looked good and was only $20 more. We played with it and talked to the sales guy for a while and found out that the Canon was a much better camera and took more professional pictures. So we went ahead and bought it. I am in love with this camera. We were driving down the freeway at about 80 and I took these pictures of Pryamid Lake (or whatever the name is) and nothing was blury!!!

This one is of the mountains and there was still some snow!!

This one is my favorite. The sun was going down and I was looking back towards the lake and it came out like this!!! I can't wait until this weekend when I can take more pictures!!

Quick Trip to Bakersfield (Sorry Mom!!)

On Saturday we went for a quick trip to Bakersfield for Jeremy's cousin Thomas's surprise 30th birthday party. Sorry Mom, we were going to stop by but it was after 5:30 when we left and we needed to get home to feed the animals.

This is Miss Theresa enjoying some carrot cake. I had to keep bugging her to get a decent picture out of her!!
This is Jeremy's cousin Don, he is the oldest of all of the kids and I think he was saying something about his birthday being soon. Jeremy took this picture, he is still learning how to take pictures! (HEHEHE)
Miss Theresa again...She is sitting in the spa across the yard from me and I was able to get a good close up of her (with my new camera, which is another post).
Mister Travis in the spa also. Again I was on the other side of the yard.

Driving down the road to Thomas's house I saw this lovely billboard. Afforadable Dentures for under $500...NO WAY!! Only in Bakersfield would I expect to see this sign.
Sideways...still trying to figure out this new camera stuff. Travis was soaking his feet in the cold pool.
Theresa again....
Travis again...
The tall guy is Thomas the birthday boy, the little boy is one of Thomas's cute kids and the pretty lady is Auntie Mary. Auntie Mary and Uncle Rick live in Reno and we don't get to see them alot. Jeremy was very exicted when he found out that they were going to be there for the party. We had a great time and ate some great food. We will see most of the family at Theresa's birthday party this weekend.

HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY THOMAS! You finally caught up to the rest of us!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Aquarium of the Pacific

At the beginning of March Jeremy and I took my sister to the Long Beach aquarium. We had a lot of fun, but it was a long day when we have to deal with the attitude of a 15 year old. She likes to wander off on her own and then I can never see to find her. I thought about leaving her there, but I did not think that my Dad would be to happy about that.
We saw lots of werid stuff, including this Spider Crab. He was just sitting there missing his front legs. I had to wonder if another crab got hungry and had crablegs for lunch.

They have a big shark tank and this guy wanted to show us his teeth.

Jellyfish!!! And more Jellyfish. They are very pretty and the color was much brighter thann these pictures show.
I really liked these transparent jellyfish. They were in a black tank and the light would shine through them.

This guy was in the petting tank. We got there right after they feed them sso we had to wait to touch them. They have to be calm before you can put your hands in. I decided not to touch them as I value my fingers and did not want the sharks to think that I was dessert. Jeremy and Emily were brave enough to put their hands in and yes I made them count their fingers afterwards to make sure that they were all there.

We had a pretty good time. I think that the next time I go back I would like to take a harbor tour also or go see the Queen Mary. I did discover that if you by the tickets online you can save some money!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008


So my Birthday is coming up (May 10th) and I am trying to figure out what to do this year. I want to do something fun. I thought about Disneyland and maybe Universal Studios and maybe even Sea World. I just can't seem to pick anything. I always like to have it planned out about a month before so we aren't sitting around at the last minute trying to come up with something to do. Anybody have any suggestions?

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I love to read and I have so may books that I can never remember what I have and haven't read. On the advice of my most wonderful Aunt Heather and Uncle Jim I read The Ruins by Scott Smith (The same guy who wrote A Simple Plan, which became a movie) I loved this book. It was very twisted!!! I happened to notice on the tv the other night that The Ruins movie is opening this weekend, I am very excited and want to go see it!! I am now reading Wicked (I saw the musical a year ago, it was excellent!! Thanks Uncle John!! If you have not seen it you must go) the book is very different so far and a little ard to read, but Gregory Maguire's writing style is great and very imaginative. I also have another one of his books, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister (which I am still trying to read) and his stories just seem a little odd and different but very good.

Anyway the point of this blog is to ask everyone else for suggestions on books to read. I am going to clear out my old books and get some new ones, but I want to know what everyone else is reading and enjoying.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My New Job Life or better titled I hate phone companies

Tuesday was my first day of working from home and boy was it a long day!! It all started put with phone issues. Our 866 line from the office was to be forwarded to my new phone line at home and what do you know it does not work. I spent over 3 hours on the phone with AT&T yesterday working on that problem and some other phone issues. I was bounced around from one department to another and then got stuck with the dreaded automated system who everytime I asked for an agent asked me if i wanted a refund. Finally I spoke to someone named Joseph, I told him when he answered the phone that he better be able to help me since he has the same name as my brother. I explained to him what I needed and how many hours I had been bounced around to different departments. He looked and that I first started in his department at 8:30 am and it should have been dealt with then, I looked at the time and it was just after 11:30 (3 freaking hours!!!). The rest of that day from there was pretty good until I tried to call one of my customers in Oregon and I was told that the phone number I was calling from had been disconnected. I call the stupid AT&T people back and I am told that the phone should be working fine in about an hour. I still have no clue why I could not dial long distance. I ended the day at 5:15 and decided that I needed to get out of the house, so I went to Costco and the grocery store, what fun. Jeremy had gone to a Dodger game with his cousin so I was left to deal with my sister who is staying with us while she is on spring break and my dad is out of town working.

Day #2 started out great. I got up took a shower realized how cold it was outside and decided to work in jammie pants and a shirt and warm fuzzy socks. (Which I am still wearing!!) The phone was so silent this morning that I thought maybe it did not work again. So I called myself at work and made sure that all lines where working. I spent the day answering emails and working on sales reports for March. And then the phone started to ring...I actually got calls from customers today!!!! My phones work and I did not have to call AT&T again!!!!!! I am now enjoying working from home. I am doing laundry while I am working and I was able to have a decent lunch!!!! We will see how long I enjoy being home before I go insane.