Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School has started...

Our neighborhood is quiet once again!! All the kids are bck in school and its so nice and quiet during the day. My sister Emily started her senior year in high school on Tuesday and my brother Todd starte his sophmore year. Emily was not even a year old when I graduated and Todd was not even an idea yet. Yikes that makes me really old!! Travis starts 2nd grade tomorrow and Theresa will be going to kidnergarten. I can't believe how much those 2 have grown up or how quickly it has happened. I keep thinking that maybe I should go to school but until I get a job we can't afford it. Hopefully I will find something soon as I only have a few more weeks left of unemployement. Time for bed for me. I have had a long day of playing with Travis and Theresa they spent the day with me today and I am worn out.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sucked in...

Jeremy started watching Dexter and now I am sucked in!! I don't need anymore tv shows to watch. I am really liking this show though. Its nice and creepy. For those of you who have not watched it, it is all about a guy who works in the police lab but is also a killer. He only kills criminals. It has been pretty funny so far.

The weekend is here and we have no plans so far. I am hoping to not be stuck in the house all weekend. I have been sick all week with a flu thing and am ready to go outside. I need to go purchase some laundry soap so we can catch up on laundry. Maybe that will be our friday night out, going laundry soap shopping. Yep we are boring.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday Meghan!!!

Meghan is 21!!! Yeah she can finally legally drink and gamble! Sorry Meg but I had to post some cute baby pictures of you!! I am still shocked that you are now 21! I am very proud of you! You are working hard and going to school. You amaze me! I am so glad that we are as close as we are and you know that I am always here for you!

Meghan and her terrific dad, my wonderful Uncle John.
Her 2nd Birthday. Wow that was a long time ago!!

Meghan at Christmas with her Dalmation slippers.

Beautiful Meghan when we went to Disneyland in June.
Happy 21st Birthday Meghan!! We hope you have a wonderful day! We love you lots and miss you tons!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

5 weeks...

After spending many hours on the phone yesterday calling the unemployment department I finally got through. They are not sure why I was sent the weird paper and in fact a check was sent out for me over the weekend. I did find out that I have 5 weeks left and then I am on my own. Which gives me 5 weeks to find a job, hopefully I won't keep getting told that I am either under or over qualified.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Unemployment frustratons!!!

2 weeks ago I receievd a half a check from unemployement and was told to fill out the next claim form and send it the following week. We were expecting full check this week and in yesterdays mail there was a letter from the unemployment office telling me that I need to refile my claim because I am potentially eligible for a new claim that will be effective on 7/12/09. So I go to their website and try to file again only to find out that I have to call them. Of course they are not open today and they never answer the phone when I call. So tomorrow I will be spending the day on the phone trying to get through to them. Now I am trying to figure out what to do if i am not approved for a new claim. Can we survive on Jeremy's paycheck? Sure we can if we don't want to eat or pay any bills. Keep your fingers crossed that I am able to get through to someone tomorrow and find out what is going to happen.

UPDATE.... I have been calling them all morning and keep getting the same message. We hav to many calls call back later. How am I supposed to refile if I can't freaking talk to anyone on the phone????

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeremy

Yesterday was Jeremy's birthday so we went out to dinner with some friends. We went to PF Changs!! Yummy yummy yummy!!

Here's a not so happy picture of the birthday boy. He hates taking pictures.

Now he is on vacation for a few days. We have nothing planned other than sitting on the couch and being bored. I really want to get out of the house though!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Smoking Vacuum!!

On Monday Jeremy was vacuuming our bedroom and I noticed that smell of a vacuum burning. Sure enough he turned it off and it was smoking!! So I went online to find a new vacuum for a decent price and found a Bissell that is made for pet hair. Wow just what we need one to suck up all the dog hair that Sierra likes to shed. I was worried that it would cost a lot so I checked Kohls because they were having a sale. Sure enough it was on sale for $79.99 so I went down to Kohls Tuesday night and they were out. I had also checked and found the same vacuum for the same price not on sale. So since Kohls was out of it I went to Target and get the vacuum. Wednesday morning I vacuumed our room and ths thing worked great! By the time I was done with that room I had to empty the container. It was full of the lovely carpet dirt and pet hair. Later on Jeremy was going to shampoo the carpet fo I decided to vacuum again and it pulled up more dog hair. The carpet has now been shampooed and tomorrow it will get vacummed again to clean the rest of the hair that the carpet shampooer pulled up. Next we will work on the living room floor. I can't wait to see how much crap it sucks up there. I normally hate vacuuming but with this new one I think I will be doing it all the time. This is the new vacuum. Isn't it pretty?

Oh yeah before I forget I am still having foot issues. I thought it was healed and so I did some stuff and it has swelled up again and hurts tonight. So more time off my foot. I really hope it ends soon I want to get back to the gym!! Also Jeremy's mom went ahead and got him a membership for the gym so we can go together now. Jeremy's Birthday is on Wednesday August 5th which is the same day that the Ventura County Fair opens. Not sure what the plan is for his Birthday yet. I did go to the Dodger Game last Saturday night and it happened to be the Hollywood Stars game night. I was amazed to see of all people there...Meat Loaf!!! I will download my camera soon and post some pictures. I am still in shock that Meat Loaf was playing he looks pretty good for his age.