Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve!!!!

I can not believe that it is New Year's Ev already!!! I have so much to do today. I have to go to the party store and get all of the goodies for tonight and I still have to hit the grocery store so i can make Touchdown Taco Dip...this is a Pampered Chef recipe and it is our favorite at parties!!!!

I have some Christmas pictures that I will post sometime soon. We spent Christmas Eve at my Uncle John's house. We had good food and spent some terrific time together. Christmass morning we went to Jen and Matt's house and opened presents with the kids. That afternoon we went to my dad's house and had dinner with him and my sister Emily, who has moved back to finifh high school here from Utah. Her mother is currently attending BYU and will be back in April or May.

So I will post a bucn of pictures is the new year, I still need to put up the rest of my Disneyland ones too. Happy New Year!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Our Anniversary

Jeremy and I and our good friend Denise went to Disneyland this year for our anniversary. Denise is leaving to go back to Iraq so we wanted to spend time with her. This first slide show is of pictures from the Haunted Mansion which is transformed into The Nightmare Before Christmas eash year around Halloween time and lasts until January. It is a must see attraction. We went on tons of rides and I have lots of pictures which I will add more slide shows in the next few days. We enjoyed our visit to Disneyland a lot and have realized we are much older now than the days of being a kid and being able to last all day without getting tired. This time we got tired after a few hours and ecided to hit Downtown Disney to eat dinner. So we hiked out of Disneyland and what felt like 10 miles into Downtown Disney and had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. We had a drink or 2 and enjoyed some good food. After eating we saw that the Monorail stops right next door and come to find out you can take it from Disneyland to Downtown Disney and back again. We thought great now we find out!! We took the Monorail back into Disneyland and had a great time the rest of the day. I will post more pictures later. Must go to bed so i can get up and finish Christmas shopping!!!

Check out my Slide Show!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

5 Years

Tomorrow Friday December 7th is our 5 year anniversary. I still can not believe that it has bee 5 years already. Jeremy and I are off to Disneyland tomorrow. Of course we would happen to be going the day it is supposed to rain. The last weather report I saw this morning it will be raining in the morning and then light showers throughout the day and it should be done around 5 or so. Actually I don't mind going in the rain I am hoping that the park is pretty much empty so we can walk on all of the rides. Disneyland at Christmas time is my favorite time to go!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

To Sell Avon or not to selll Avon

I am trying to decide if I should start selling Avon. I need to make some extra money, but I am not sure if Avon is the way to go. I already sell Pampered Chef, but I have to turn in $200 in sales this month or I become inactive. This month is super busy for me I don't have time to find people to book a show. I tried to get a catalog show going, but I have had no takers so far. At least with Avon you don't have to do shows, you can pass out catalogs and hope for orders. Anybody have any suggestions???