Sunday, February 28, 2010

What a day....

Wow yesterday was a weird day. I had a earache during the week and yesterday it got so bad that my jaw was hurting. I had woken up at about 7 and could not get back to sleep so I was reading CNN to see what happened during the night and saw the news about the earthquake in Chili so I checked it out and saw that there was a tsunami warning for Hawaii and they were going to sound the sirens and evacuate people at 6 Hawaii time. My first thought was I should call my Dad since he was still in Hawaii, but then I realized that it was 5 there. He did call me at 9:30 our time and said that they had been evacuated and were up on a hill waiting for the tsunami to hit. So I watched CNN all morning waiting for updates. My dad called back at about 1 my time, which was 11 in Hawaii a few minutes before the first wave was scheduled to hit. So I talked to him for a long time waiting for the waves to come. He was supposed to be flying out of Hawaii on a 2 pm flight which I was able to check and found out it was delayed until 3:55. While I was on the phone with him he did saw that the water was receeding from the beach. Anyway he did make it out of Hawaii and is finally home. So back to the ear issue, i think that spending all that time on the phone was making my ear hurt more. So jeremy took me to urgent care and I was shocked that the waiting room was empty! We were in and out of there in about 45 minutes. I got antibiotics and after a long night of pain I am finally starting to feel better. So lesson learned, go to the doctor as soon as the ear ache begins! No more waiting to see if it will go away on its own. While I was watching CNN they said that the had reports of tsunami damage from Ventura California! Turns out it was some bouy damage, but it was weird to hear that on CNN!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Donations accepted.....

Jeremy has decided that he wants to take a vacation and go to Bora Bora. At first I was thinking there was no way I wanted to go there until I started looking at pictures. Now I wish we could go there tomorrow! Someday in the distant, probably very distant future we will make it there. Anyone want to make any donations to our exotic trip?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Truck damage

Here is a picture of the nice dent on our truck! Some people need to learn how to back up slowly!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

So excited!!

Tomorrow (sunday) I have to watch the mens hockey game. USA verus Canada. We have to win, we haven't lost a game yet and neither have Canada so it should be an awesome game. NBC hasn't been showing the games they have been on the USA channel. Must remember to set it to record before I go to bed.

In other news... Our truck had to get a new transmission and yesterday we found out that while it was at the mechanic, who is a family friend, some idiot backed into and damaged the drivers side fender! They did get the persons insurance information so jeremy called today and filed a claim. They are supposed to call back this week and let us know what to do next. They had to check and see what kind of insurance the moron has and it better be full coverage because there is a lot of damage and its not going to be cheap to fix! I will post some pictures of it later.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Why is the men's figure skating finals being shown so late??? I want to go to bed but I want to stay up and see who wins. I was able to record the mens hockey game today and watched it when I got home, yep we won again!! We played Canada on Sunday and we have to win that game also. At least this time I can actually watch the game live instead of avoiding the internet so that I dont see the score. Oh well time to go back to watching the olympics so I can go to bed!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Cool Runnings

Jamaica does not have a bobsled team this year!!! I am so disappointed, I always root for them to win. Cool Runnings is one of my favorite movies.

I looked at the schedule for men's hockey and most of the games are played during the week while I am at work. I really hope that they show them at night so I can watch. We better win the gold this year!!

How sad is it that there was that tragic accident on the luge track today. I feel so bad for that boy's family!! I just hope that is the only accident this year.

I have noticed while watching the Parade of Nations alot of countries have less than 10 althetes competing. I just want to finish watching the parade part so I can go to bed!!

Foot Update

My doctor wants me to go see a specialist for my foot. He says it sounds like a chronic pain issue, which happens when you have an injury that does not heal properly and gets reinjured and still doesn't heal right. Hopefully I can get in next week and get it looked at.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tired of foot issues

So I went to my new doctor yesterday and had him check out my foot since it is still hurting 7 months after I hurt it. He thinks I may have dome something to the ligaments around my ankle and he may want to put a cast on it so it will heal properly. I go back friday to go over some blood work and hopefully to discuss the foot thing even more. I am not very excited about possibly getting a cast. He said that if I go see a pediatrist they may want to do cortizone shots which I really don't want. The problem is I am still having a lot of pain to where I have to take pain medication just to get it to stop long enough to get some sleep. So I am not sure what is going to happen. I am supposed to be going to Disneyland on saturday with an old friend. I may have to rent a wheelchair while I am there just to stay off my foot. I have crutches but I don't want to walk around all day with those. I guess I will have to wait until friday to see what happens!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


On Friday we went to Disneyland to see our adorable twin nephews (Brett & Evan) and their parents and grandma. Of course it was raining but it was nice because Disneyland was empty!! I took our camera but did not use it because of the rain so I took these pictures with my phone. The boys were on Dumbo and Jeremy wanted to sit down so he climbed into the Dumbo that sits outside of the ride (perfect picture spot) and I had to take his picture. Then he decided to get more comfortable!

Once the boys got off the ride they laughed at Uncle Jeremy lounging on Dumbo and decided to climb in with him. I have a picture on the other computer of me and the boys in this same spot from when we were there over a year ago. Evan is the one who is smiling and Brett is the one not smiling.

We had a great time and it was fun to spend time with the boys. Last time I saw them (Last September) Evan only wanted to ride one ride with me. This time he was more willing to ride with us. He decided that he wanted to ride with Uncle Jeremy on Peter Pan and I guess he told him that he was Peter Pan. Brett went with me and grandma and didnt say much during the ride. When we went on Pirates of the Caribbean Evan rode with me and Jeremy and he told us he was Jack Sparrow and that was his ride. He did hold me hand for most of the ridse and when he wasnt holding my hand he would pat my leg, he was protecting me from the pirates. When we rode Space Mountain Brett wanted to ride with me and he held me hand and was also protecting me. Those 2 are so funny!!