Sunday, December 30, 2012

A sort of trip to the zoo

I had big plans on Saturday to go to the LA Zoo. We checked the weather and there was only 30% chance of rain and if it was going to rain in la it would be in the afternoon. I was rudely awakened at 6am by rain....not a good sign. Still figured that it would not rain at the zoom until the afternoon, boy was I wrong. It poured on the drive there. We got to the parking lot before the zoo opened and figured we would wait a bit to see if it let up. We waited about 15 minutes and the rain was getting stronger. I decided that we should go to Griffith Park Observatory since it was about 5 minutes away and it is free to get it. We got there and we're able to get a good parking spot, they have very limited parking and you must get there before or right after they open. We did pay the $7 to watch the show in the planetarium. It was very fun. We explored around and saw all the new expanded stuff. I went outside to take some pictures of the view and found that my camera wasn't working. I was a little freaked out since I charged the battery the night before. As it turns out I must have left the camera on somehow and the battery was dead. I am very glad we didn't go to the zoo because I would not have been able to take any pictures and I saved the money to get into the zoo. We will plan another trip to the zoo in January. I do like to go during the winter when more animals seem to be out since it is not so hot.