Friday, May 4, 2012

Penn & Teller

See that guy playing the instrament (dont know what its called) thats Penn! Jeremy noticed it a few minutes after we sat down and hardly anyone in the audience noticed. Your not supposed to take any pictures there but i took this blurry picture. They did a really great magic show. I was glad that we went to ot even though the tickets werent cheap. Jeremy won a $400 jackpot on a penny machine so i let him spend some of it on something he really wanted to do. I loved watching Penn on celebrity apprentice, its a shame that donald trump fired him a few weeks ago. If you are in vegas and want to see a show i would totally recommend them!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The best beef jerky in the universe

Thats what the package claims...and guess is true!!! We took a trip to vegas over the weekend and stopped at Alien Fresh Jerky in Baker on the way home. This stuff is incredible. We ate an entire bag of honey teriaky flavor on the way home, it was so good. I wish we would have stopped there on the way to vegas but we didnt. Now that we know how good it is we will ne stopping there more often. In fact they have a website and i will be ordering more. The only problem with ordering it is they had a special at the store of 3 bags for $20. I didnt see that special online but am going to email them and ask about it.

We did do something fun in Vegas, we saw Penn and Teller do their magic show. Totally worth the price of the tickets. I will tell you more later. Its way past my bedtime!