Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Lets see if I can blog more this year. I need to learn how to do it from my phone so I can post some of the pictures I take with it.
We had an exciting evening of bowling with the kids tonight. We went to the family bowling party and were home by 9. Yep we are that exciting! Jeremy has to work in the morning so it worked out nicely. I somehow have managed to stay up past midnight even though I am exhausted. Tomorrow or day actually I believe that I will be taking down the Christmas tree, which is very dead thanks to all the hot weather we have had, and hopefully get some things cleaned up.
School starts up again on Monday so I have a few more days of winter break. Once school starts I really need to find a job. I have put in tons of applications but nobody wants to hire me. It's actually very frustrating.