Thursday, February 5, 2015

Time for an update

Wow I have not posted on here at all this year! I have been busy since school started. I am only taking 3 classes this semester but it seems like all I do is read and do homework. I have been crocheting a lot and hope to be able to sell some of the beanies I am making soon.

We did go to Big Bear in January for a vacation. We were hoping that it would snow while we were there but we had sunshine the whole time. The village was still decorated with Christmas lights.

 The lake had some ice on it near the shore in Boulder Bay Park. There was a huge sign that said to stay off the lake ice and I think if you disobeyed then you would be fined.
 I really like how this picture came out. I was trying to zoom in on the ice and snow but it focused on the plant instead.
 A trip to Big Bear is not complete unless you stop and say hi to Louie! We really would love to have a huge bear like this at our house. Maybe it would scare away the creepy neighbors.
 We did have a nice big pile of snow outside our room. We stayed at Jeremy's mom's timeshare, which is more like apartments than a hotel room. We had a bedroom, living room, full kitchen, a big bathroom, dining room and a living room. They even have a washer and dyer in the room which is nice because you can wash all your dirty clothes before you come home. Plus it helps if you don't want to bring a tons of clothes, you can just wear them and wash them so you can wear them again. We did go to the hot tub one day. It was about 40 out when we went. Walking to the hot tub was fine, it was the walk back when you are all wet that was not fun. I have a lot more pictures to post after I finish going through them.



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